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This was your human element moment

Kevin Cash had a point.Image: Getty ImagesI’m not here to claim that anyone should feel sorry for the Tampa Bay Rays. While MLB would love to position them as the plucky underdog, what they really are is the model that almost every team

What are the Yankees now?

Illustration: Getty ImagesI suppose one of the things that makes me feel old, one of the many things, is how I would perceive the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry versus someone who is 30 or under. I lived long enough in the era of the Yankees

No wild-card chaos

The Blue Jays took home a total of 91 wins, missing the postseason and averting wild-card mayhem in the AL.Photo: Getty ImagesMost seasons, on the last day, we hope for some kind of chaos to hit MLB’s playoff system. I think, deep down,

Aaron Judge finally lives up to expectations

Guess who’s headed to the playoffs?Image: Getty ImagesFor years, many believed that Aaron Judge had everything to be a real superstar, the face of MLB.He’s big, strong,and handsome. Plus, he swings a big home run bat. And best of all, he